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Sunday, January 27, 2013

♥Introducing my Outlaw Glam Collection!
Outlaw Glam - The pretty side of a deadly object

What’s a girl to do when all anyone seems to be thinking and talking about lately is guns and ammunition?
Many of my friends, family members and neighbors have been buying guns lately so it seems that this topic is on a lot of people’s minds. I must admit, in recent weeks I have been consumed with this topic as well.
The problem with this is my job involves  discussing and creating items that make women feel  feminine and pretty, somehow these two topics weren’t meshing well and my creativity was waning.
The other weekend involved going out to some friends land and learning how to shoot  guns.  I watched as round after round of spent ammo came flying out onto the ground.  The gold and silver colors were rather pretty all laying around together, that is when Outlaw Glam was born!
Outlaw Glam was created for the confident woman who loves beautiful things but also appreciates the unconventional.  The whole concept is based on taking something that represents danger and turning it into something glitzy and fabulous. It's also about looking at objects in a whole different context than what they were originally intended for.  

Please check back often to see my newest designs!

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