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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A new place to call home!

As some of you may already know, Etsy is now allowing mass produced, manufactured items to be sold on their site starting January, 2014.
Small artisans such as myself are already having a hard time getting found on such a huge site as Etsy but by allowing the "Walmarts" to enter into this realm it's going to basically bury the small artists/artisans and in my opinion, hurt the integrity of Etsy.  As buyers, most of us go to Etsy to find one of a kind, unique, handcrafted or vintage items.  Weeding through garbage in search of those gems is going to be very time consuming.

This is why I'm slowly starting to build up my shop on Zibbet.  Zibbet is an online marketplace that is commited to supporting individual artists/artisans.  They have pledged that they will not sell us out by taking on mass produced, big box store items.

Please help me in spreading the word about this wonderful site.  By supporting this site you are in turn showing support for the art of handmade. ♥

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